In Search of Cozy, Part 2…with Two Bandaged Hands!

Funny thing happened on my way to my evening class at our community college…


Yep…broke bones in both hands – this picture was taken after the great folks at
Duke Med’s Urgent Care facility got everything stabilized.
I’m holding a wooden skewer my brilliant husband came up with as the perfect utensil for eating chicken nuggets…lol!
Post surgery a day later – sorry, no pics, I now have a lovely Duke blue cast on my left arm, with tan stripes on my right – what all the best-dressed breaks are sporting this season!

With the bad comes a little good, though, and my sweet Mom is here pampering me
along with the rest of the family.  Bonus: We got to do some picture-taking!  Here is my lovely model in her cozy fleece jacket:

fleece jacket 9

…And the fabulously fun lining:

fleece jacket 11

Here’s a shot of the back – love the princess seams, don’t you?

fleece jacket 10

One of the nice things about sewing apparel versus decor items is the chance to
create something for a special person to wear…and that’s what this project was all about!
My sweet mom hates to be cold (don’t we all?!), but frequently finds herself reaching for warmer garments during the winter.  So, I made her her a nice, cozy fleece jacket using Butterick 5683.  Check out the entire post here.

So, looks like there won’t be much going on in the sewing room here for a few more weeks!  Of course, in a spurt of creativity, I’d cut THREE projects out the day before this happened…!
Ah, well…guess I’ll sigh over gorgeous spring fabrics and dream!


PS:  Promise that first photo wasn’t blurred on purpose…but I’m kind of glad it was, all the same!  One side of my face lost the fight with the concrete sidewalk…and it wasn’t pretty!

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3 Responses to In Search of Cozy, Part 2…with Two Bandaged Hands!

  1. mrsmole says:

    Oh Cheryl, what a horrible predicament to be in! Maybe fate is making time for you to browse magazines and blogs to get ideas for later? Wishing you a speedy recovery!!!

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much for the good wishes! That’s a great idea :) Good time to grab a few onlines classes and drool over all the great summer fabric!

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