It’s a Wrap! Maria Denmark’s Onion 2037

While my hands heal (which is taking WAY longer than I EVER expected!!), since
I’m slowly regaining some movement here I thought I’d post a project that was actually finished before my fall: A wrap dress…in knit!

To all of you who chase that perfect, but elusive, “Looks like a DVF wrap dress” pattern…look no further!  I think we just might have uncovered it: Onion 2037

Many of you know, much of my sewing involves conjuring up apparel suitable for the corporate world – ok, not mine, DD#1’s corporate world!  Finding professional looking clothing that fits her small shape is a challenge…!  She’s been looking for things that travel well, and since I’d grabbed a great buy on some ITY knit from Fabric Mart a while back, it seemed the perfect time to experiment with a wrap dress!  A quick survey of PatternReview turned up some promising patterns…but Johanna’s beautiful project sold me on the Onion 2037!  (See Johanna’s dress here)


If you’ve never used European patterns, let me recommend Maria Denmark’s  classic styles to you!  They’re well done, seem to be nicely fitted, aligned with RTW fit and style, and let’s be honest…it’s kind of a guilty pleasure to have patterns shipped in from Denmark to the States!  I ordered two from her Onion store, and they arrived quickly, along with downloadable instructions in English.

Word of caution here:  Don’t expect lots of pictures or drawings to accompany these patterns!  I think there was ONE line drawing with this; I could have used some clearer instructions on attaching the neck binding!  More on this later.

The second caution about using a European pattern is that they will most likely NOT have seam allowances included.  I’ve been told that’s because different countries use different seam allowances, but geez…added one more thing to the prep work.

The fabric for this dress is an ITY knit (first time I’d used one of those!) purchased at a bargain from FabricMart.  Because it was rather thin, and after looking at a couple of my own designer knit dresses) I decided to underline the entire dress in that sort of performance knit you’d use for bathing suits. Made SUCH a difference!  Dare I say it?  it made my $4.99 fabric feel expensive!  The underlining gave the knit fabric a nice feel without adding bulk, and let it drape without clinging.  Perfect!  The sleeves weren’t underlined.  Here’s the result!

onion wrap 7               onion wrap 9         onion wrap 8

And on my lovely model – sorry, this was a group shot!  Dress received RAVE reviews!

wrap dress

The actual dress was pretty simple, but I fretted and fumed over attaching the ties to the crazy neck binding for DAYS!  Could NOT make sense of it until I stumbled upon this review…then I took a leap of faith and it all kind of fell into place.

onion wrap 3    onion wrap 4

The actual dress itself is pretty simple: there’s no waistline, and the ties are incorporated into the neckband.  Highly recommend reading the above review to sort out the neckband construction – she’s done a nice job!  I made the narrow sleeves, which I shortened to 3/4 length and took them in a bit more so they wouldn’t look “floppy”.

onion wrap 6

You can see in this shot that the neck binding doesn’t lay nice and flat all the way around the back. While it looks great on, next time I’ll whack about an inch off the neck binding so it can be stretched to fit. I’m thinking that will work better!

Not a stressful project for my first time using ITY knits!
This is also the first time I used a twin needle…and the sky didn’t fall!  In fact, it was pretty easy and gave me the RTW look without using a serger (which scares the life out of me!)

This is a pattern we’ll definitely make more of – and I might even make one for myself!
I just scored a vintage DVF original wrap dress pattern, so am dying to try that one out once the proper fabric is located!

If you’d like to see more of Maria’s ONION patterns, head over to her website.


BTW…yes, I’m completely aware that this is a very FALL-ish fabric!  I could just claim that I’m way ahead of the seasons and this was for fall 2014…but y’all would see through that in a second!  Made this pre-hand accident – sorry for the long delay in posting :)

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8 Responses to It’s a Wrap! Maria Denmark’s Onion 2037

  1. Cheryl, I think you found the perfect wrap dress pattern! What great lines this pattern has and your fabric selection is perfect. Congrats on whipping out the twin needle! It didn’t hurt a bit, did it? 😉

  2. mrsmole says:

    This is also the first time I used a twin needle…and the sky didn’t fall!
    You are too funny! It is the perfect dress and like most patterns we learn something with each one…whether it be “I should have chosen different fabric” or “I should have cut wider seam allowances” we move along and gain more insight into the designer’s world. So glad your hands are better!

  3. mdefilippo says:

    Hi! I came across this post because I got this pattern for Christmas (In Danish). I’ve search high and low for the English directions and they must not be available anymore. I’ve tried contacting Maria Denmark through her site and FB pages (no response). Any chance you’d be willing to send me a copy of the english directions? I would appreciate it…

    • admin says:

      Will do, but I can tell you that neckband is a chore and a half – even with directions…lol! Good luck – it’s a fabulous fit! You’ll have to post a picture when you get your project finished.

  4. BeaJay says:

    Gorgeous dress. Love that early fall fabric. It is just coming into fall down here so I can appreciate it. Hope your hands have healed now.

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much! As you can tell by looking at my lack of posts, 2014 was a very tough year as far as hands functioning properly goes! Was finally able to get a couple projects in before the end of the year, and hoping 2015 will be much more productive! Looking forward to seeing what you’re doing, too!

  5. Kristen Webster says:

    HI! I have tried to contact Maria Denmark through her site with no luck. I found another website to order the pattern through but the directions only come in Danish. Are you able to share the English directions? And I am also nervous about the neckband – I have only been sewing about 2 years and am completely self taught. I am working on conquering knits this year!

Comments, tips & ideas always welcome!